"The whole experience provided through Afri-campus was very well-rounded, from both an educational and enjoyment perspective. We got to be hands-on with the animals the veterinarian was working with (even some of the Big 5!!!) while also learning about the culture surrounding these animals. From petting cheetahs, performing reptile necropsies, and injecting antelope to practicing darting from a helicopter, kissing a hippo, and seeing gorgeous mountain views, I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is wanting to experience working with animals in South Africa while also getting to experience South Africa itself"
Emma Devai
Veterinary Student
"The time I spent in Kruger with Afri-Campus is an unforgettable experience. Being able to learn so much from our talk at the elephant museum to our stay at the research centre where we learnt about herbivore management. A huge thank you to our guides Beth and Elize. Finally able to tick the big five off my bucket list. Everyone we met along the way were so knowledgeable and absolutely amazing, there was never a dull moment! Such a good experience and with any luck I'll return again soon!"
Zoe Byrne
International Wildlife Biology Student
"This program is truly a valuable experience for any pre-vet/vet student, animal lover, or anyone interested in a unique and educational South African adventure. All of the people involved are very kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. Every activity was a great learning experience, and every day with the vet was new and exciting. This experience has showed me a whole new side of veterinary medicine, and I will carry the knowledge and experiences I gained with Afri-Campus throughout my veterinary career, and throughout my life."
Zoƫ Harrington
Veterinary Student