Specialised excursions to Africa for educational institutions
or the individual traveller

Research Experience

At Afri-Campus we are passionate about research and the role it plays in modern day conservation. Years of experience allows us to offer you as student or a wild child traveller the best and most comprehensive opportunities. Whether you want to contribute to research whilst travelling or need to collect data for a University thesis, we have it covered. For those with itchy feet and a severe case of wanderlust that want to get more out of a travelling experience, we have partnered with reputable reserves and their volunteer programs that use eco-tourism as an important way to gather critical data on their wildlife. This data plays a vital part in securing the sustainability of these reserves and the animals. At the same time, you will get to experience some of the best Big Five game reserves across Southern Africa. Research tourism has become a wonderful way of contributing to the bigger picture whilst travelling this stunning continent. For the studious among you that need to collect data in order to complete a University thesis, we have teamed up with some of the largest and well-known game reserves that will accommodate you and assist you with your data collection. Whether you need only a few weeks, 6 months or for those of you crazy enough to be doing PhD’s, we will be able to help find a reserve to accommodate your needs and subject matter.