Afri Track

We offer a unique trip for college / school students to sponsor the darting and fitting of a satellite tracking collar to an animal such as an elephant, lion or rhino in South Africa. This once in a lifetime opportunity will not only allow students to get up close and personal with one of Africa’s majestic creatures, but will assist in the effective management of that animal. Satellite tracking collars allow data points to be downloaded at set intervals throughout the day that log the animals coordinates. This allows wildlife managers to gain a better understanding of the animal’s spatial utilisation and can assist in safeguarding the animal against poaching threats. The students will have the ability to track their animal online from the classroom and produce maps and reports. This information can then be sent back to the wildlife managers in South Africa, which can assist them in making management and conservation decisions. Essentially, your schools’ sponsorship not only allows your students to have a once in a lifetime experience but also assists in the effective management of the ecosystem in South Africa. The journey doesn’t end there. After the darting experience, the students get an opportunity to go on an adventure holiday, taking in some of the most famous sites that South Africa has to offer. They will enjoy a day’s safari in the world famous Kruger National Park, having the opportunity to view the legendary ‘Big Five’. A day along the ‘Panorama Route’ awaits them, a breath-taking scenic drive through the rugged Drakensberg Mountains. Thereafter, they will visit two renowned wildlife rehabilitation centres to learn about their daily and tireless struggles to reintroduce injured animals back into the wild.